Carbon Footprint Calculation

Arpastart is a Geelong Web Design and Development business. Arpastart is passionate about the environment they live and operate in.

Arpastart sees a necessity for all operators to reduce the impact on climate and decided a number of years back to go with the frontrunners.

Previously Arpastart made attempts themselves to gain an overview of the size of their carbon footprint but were not sure of which items to include and were questioning the validity of their own carbon emission estimates.

Several times Arpastart made carbon credit purchases without fully trusting if the volume they obtained was smaller (not covering enough) or larger (spending too much) than what they really would like it to carbon offset.

Arpastart's Emissions By Sources

Eva and Dan van der Vlies
Eva and Dan van der VliesArpastart
We now know the distribution and size of emission sources for our business and the report shows us our net carbon offset requirement in tCO2e for us to have a carbon neutral claim.

With Heidi’s guidance, we have been able to purchase Gold Standard carbon credits to carbon offset Arpastart’s entire operational carbon footprint.

When our conversations with stakeholders today involve a climate discussion, we can disclose with confidence our operation runs with no impact on climate.

The Solution

Heidi Fog was engaged to determine the boundaries for Arpastart’s carbon emission and to calculate their carbon footprint. Data relating to their emission sources were supplied and their FY18 operational carbon footprint was developed in a clear carbon inventory and report.

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