FY22 Carbon Report

Viridian Financial Group is a leading Australian diversified financial services business. The firm was established in 2015 and empowers Australians through providing financial advice, and innovative solutions.

In 2023 Viridian looked to engage in an inhouse disclosure of a carbon footprint baseline to monitor the associated emissions from their operation and a tool to implement actions for absolute carbon reduction as well as build knowledge about carbon offsetting.

Heidi Fog works with companies of all sizes and industries in developing carbon reporting and carbon reduction planning. She readily shares her skills and knowledge, build over a decade in carbon accounting, energy-, waste- and water auditing and is able to translate carbon report findings into recommendations for absolute carbon reduction and carbon offsetting.

Michael EhrentrautViridian Financial Group Ltd Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer
“In March 2022, we at Viridian completed our bCorp certification, which is an independent audit of how we go about measuring the entire social and environmental impact of our company. To meet our legal commitment, achieve complete transparency and demonstrate high social and environmental performance, we extended our independent assessment of our business to understanding fully and structurally what our carbon footprint profile looked like and establish a baseline year.
We found Heidi Fog to be incredibly knowledgeable in this field, helped us patiently navigate through the numerous and complex data sets and helped us beautifully determine, not just what our footprint looked like, but also helped shape what some of our immediate priorities might need to look like. She’s been a joy to work with“.

The Solution

The solution for Viridian was to commission Heidi Fog to develop a carbon report of Viridian’s most recent 12-month reporting period (FY22), assist in building the appropriate emission boundary of their operational activities and associated emission as well as capturing Heidi’s recommendations for carbon reduction relevant and realistic to Viridian’s activity profile.

The prime emphasis for the work was:

  • Leverage insight and expertise in carbon reporting.
  • Develop a carbon footprint calculation of Viridian’s 28+ locations across Australia by emission categories and sources.
  • Ensure input data & outcomes are relevant, complete, consistent, transparent, and accurate.
  • Examining why or why not to carbon neutral certify.
  • Benchmarking and the risk associated with such.
  • Qualitative points for emission reduction strategies.
  • Supersede an annual report on electricity usage and associated emissions.

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