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Your Energy and Resource Reduction is My Business

My mission is to help organisations drive opportunities up and risks down in the low carbon economy. I deliver clear solutions on how to reduce your avoidable and unavoidable consumption and emission.

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Business Emissions By Sources


Across services Heidi Fog is delivering solutions to reduce and offset the avoidable and unavoidable energy and resource consumption, driving your organisation’s actual emission down.

Client Feedback

“Heidi Fog has prepared a detailed and thorough Energy Audit for our school. Heidi worked with a variety of students from grades 3-6, educating and involving them in the data gathering process. Students, teachers and administration staff were all involved in the process and had input into the detailed workings of their environment. Six months from the time of the Energy Audit we saw a 24% and an overall 35% reduction across 2017 saving on our electricity bill and we have set a 40% reduction as our target. We cannot thank Heidi enough for the work she has done for our school and the passion she has passed to our school community”

 In recognition of the depth of knowledge that Heidi had of the Carbon Neutrality endeavours of our company, I invited her to present a discussion forum to our staff. Heidi had come very well prepared and was able to articulate through her presentation, the complexities of the process in working with Carbon Neutral calculations and abatements and solutions. Her presentation was exhaustive in detail and her explanation projected compelling clarity to the staff. Our company benefited greatly from Heidi’s conviction and professional approach”





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